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Winter Stream in desert © Ken Lawton Mountain Clouds

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In Memory of
Our Friend
Ray Carpenter

Highway Interchange Dedicated To CHP Trooper Ray Carpenter

In Memory of our
UHP Fallen Friends

Justice May Have

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Global Warming Explained In Fifteen Minutes!

This F.B.I. Investigation Was A Good Day!

B-Log?. . . Blog? . . .What is a Blog?    Oh, yes, it's a "WEB–Log"

Survive Predators In The Wild   Don't Be A Victim!

Need A Good, Important, Honorable, Secure Job? UHP CHP,  FBICIA U.S.Treasury, U.S.Postal Service, U.S.Army!

Audio Restore? ♬♬  Restore Audio ?   ♬♬  what does that mean ?

Good Trash Bad Trash And Why Do We Care ? Find Out Here!

Beware Of The Galactic Vortex!

V G H G H G  What might that mean?   Could your child be the next Code Master?

What the devil was that noise at 4 AM? You better Find Out!

Don't Want To Be Scammed? Read These Tips from our Good Friends!

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Now Pay Attention To This One: That Coffee's Gonna Kill Ya, Brother!

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Why Is The Office of "High Sheriff" Basic and Unremoveable In Your STATE CONSTITUTION?

If you love freedom, always vote with true personal knowledge of the choices. Investigate the candidates' histories. Invesitigate the value, cost and results of issues being touted! Don't just drink the Kool-Aid of other people's wants! What they want is for you to pay for their agendas. So consider your own opinion, not theirs!