Times Sure Do Change

Yes, times sure do change, don't they!.

It used to be common for everyone who lived in a general area to know who everyone else was in that area. Now you don't know anyone, especially very well.

When I was eight years old I ran a paper route around our neighborhood for a couple of years. I say a couple because after that I got a job mowing lawns.

Anyway, I had over a hundred customers on that route. It was an area about a mile and a half on all four sides and I knew everyone. I knew where they lived, who their kids were and how friendly their dogs were. It isn't like that anymore at all. If that old Schwinn bicycle was still in my care it could bring a nice dollar if it was for sale.

Anyway, back to when you used to know who your neighbor was.

There is a big house a half mile down the road today. Some of the daily come-and-go traffic is like those big black 4-door GMC vans with blacked-out windows down around the Federal Building. If they park where you can see them at the Fed Shack there will be at least four guys in suits exit the van. If you look closly you might notice a bulge under their jacket. By their left arm, usually.

Nobody knows who the visitors at the big house down the road are, but they are definitely not guys from our good old USA "dot-gov".

Actually, that neighbor down the street is known by the nick-name of "Bubba-Bigbucks". Nobody knows how he got that tag, but it seems to fit. The fact is that he needs a kidney real badly because his original one has quit working, "they say". He even needs a couple of other parts; an eyeball and a new heart would be real helpful, "they say". Where "they" got all this information is anyone's guess. But it seems to fit; the few times we've seen him he has an oxygen tank with a plastic tube feeding his nose.

His problem is, however, that he is real low on the hospital's body-parts priority list. He is waiting for some healthy younger guy to conveniently die a premature death. Without ruining the heart, eyeballs, kidneys or other parts of course. A good DNA match would be cool also.

So now we enter the electronics R&D workshop in Bubba's basement. And the super RFI scanner. Like the scanner at the supermarket check out counter, you know; it reads cards of all kinds. But Bubba's long-range sniffer is so good it can read cards in the pockets of passing pedestrians. Heavy traffic is no problem because this RFI Scanner is a multi-tasking super-duper-data-snooper with a built-in video camera. The zeros and ones keep the data separated for each passing pedestrian and matches the people's images caught by Guidos' RFI Camera combo.

So, do you think this scenario is just so much bovine-pooh? Au contraire, mon ami! Open your favorite browser and enter a query for "HR4633 Driver's License Modernization Act of 2002", and read it real carefully. Pay special attention to the term "and other purposes", and the lack of those terms where they could logically be in other paragraphs. Go ahead; I dare you to read the whole thing carefully. No speed-reading, now!

Anybody out there doubt for one second that Bubba-BigBucks' main go-fer dude, "Guido", could wait on the corner for a couple of hours from eleven-am to one-pm. The busy noon hour; lots of people passing by. He's just sitting there reading a newspaper, waiting for a friend that's coming on the bus. Anyway, that's his story when the cop asks him what he's doing. Then he brings the scan data back to the lab so the Medic on Bubba's payroll can find a matching donor. Of course, this little process keeps Bubba from having to wait for the medical system to get around to finding parts for his problems.

If I have a database program with the Driver's License bit of the pie, then I obtain from the medics another part of the program, (which is so easy it would make your eyes water) then tap into a couple of other existing Federal, State, commercial, social, genealogical and personal databases, I can complete my entire database on each person in the video. I'll have a massive amount of information in one database on most of the people who walked by in that two hours. More data about you than you know yourself. Name, sex, physical description, complete medical history, blood type, DNA, criminal record, family ties, address, phone number, car license plate, on-line presence, employment, education, financial status, religious leanings, military training, genealogical lines and even your political associates. Hell, I'll even know the last time you registered to vote and who you voted for. I find that all the time while researching people's background for old addresses they "forgot" to list on their employment application.

The list is endless regarding what Guido can harvest by starting with all the massive information on our "smart driver's license".

Guido will even know if you might be packing heat when he moves up beside you while you're walking back from the 7-11 in the dark of night. Or, on to "Plan-B"; Guido might rethink making the grab when you might be wide awake and aware of your environment. You might detect the grab and get a good shot off at him, maybe kill him and then get away. The boss is in a hurry for his parts, and Guido better not screw up the grab. So on to "Plan-B".

Plan-B says that Guido will just take a couple of his guys who will be dressed similar to police in case someone wakes up. Not TOO similar, though, he doesn't want any wide-awake police to get suspicious. Make the grab at 0400 while everyone is asleep. The team will probably be saying "police, police...", but not so loudly the neighbors might wake up and call 911. Just loud enough for you to delay your response to this invasion of your home. They don't want to give you time to see a shotgun aimed at their ugly faces. Yes, Guido and his pals have several options much better than waiting for you to go to the 7-11 late at night. But that gig has been a favorite.

After all, people disappear everyday, never to be heard of again. It used to be that corner-cutting Bubba-Bigbucks types had to get hold of the Organ Donor List before they could short-circuit the body parts waiting list problem. But that was back in the dark ages, so to speak, this is the computer age. All Bubba needs now is the information from your smart driver's license, a computer, a medic on call, who knows where your kidney is. You know, one of those high-flying Doc's who got his license pulled for pedaling illegal goodies for cash on the barrel-head, so to speak.

So Lord Bless all those patriotic, stand-up politicians who voted for the new and improved Federal Driver's License Standardization Requirements while under duress from the bigger dot-gov bureaucrats. https://www.dmv.org/articles/the-real-id-act-are-you-ready-for-a-national-id/. Or, just use your Google-esque skills and search "Real ID Act of 2005".

Want to drive a car anywhere in the USA? You need a Federal Identification Card.

The origin was that "we" needed a better method of knowing who was who and to keep illegals from sneaking through the border. Strange, if that was true then why did dot-gov spend the past ten years encouraging illegals to sneak in? And why are illegal aliens allowed to vote simply because they don't have to identify themselves. Confusing.

(deep 1940's German accent here); "Zeig mir jetzt deine Papiere!"

So the bureaucrats say they didn't design a "Federal ID"? Not a Federal ID!", you say? Do you know how database duplication and downloading works? And you think the bureaucrats don't have access to your state's database? Take the red pill, friend.

Well, Bubba, if it isn't a Federal ID then why is every State required to have a specific, identical data base, designed by the bureaucrats, on their driver's license? Even to the rediculous extent of requiring a "star" on a specific location of the license face? Or, even if you comply with every other demand of the "Homeland Security" bureaucrats, but leave off the star, you cannot leave your state by commercial aircraft. "Why", you ask? Because "they" own total control over the airlines and who may travel thereon. Hmmm, just wondering here; they also own control over the interstate highways. So actually there is no difference between stopping your airport entry than there is in stopping you from leaving your state on any "Interstate Highway". "they" control anything that takes place involving "interstate commerce" which includes travel or business from one state to another.

Not a Federal ID, you say? Phooey!

Bubba and Guido send a special thanks to all the State Legislators who bailed their own residents into this scheme. Of course, the States were being forced by the Federal Government. Born about 2005, went into full effect the first day of 2018. Basically, if you don't have the Federal Governmane Identification Card, you are not going anywhere nor are you doing anything. But forget all that if you're an illegal alien. It only applies to the rest of us.

Besides providing a big assist to the future foundation of "The Real Matrix" , you've helped out Bubba and others all over the planet who need a new heart, kidney, lung, eyeball or other part but just can't wait for the system to help them out.

Or maybe their kids, coincidentally about the same age and size of your kid, needs a new heart. A man will do anything for his family.

Now, what the devil was that noise you heard a few minutes ago when you and Mom were sleeping? And where the hell did Johnny go this time? Out to meet one of his girl friends? And, where the devil is Suzie? Did the two of them sneak out together?

I can just hear you saying; "Just wait 'til I get my hands on 'em this time!". Except for one thing; this time they just might not be coming home. They walked over to get a malted at the ice cream shop. Then they stopped to help some poor old guy catch his runaway puppy and get it into his big van with dark windows.

Remember all that big exciting news about 3-D Printing of human organs for transplanting? Sorry, it just didn't pan out like it was supposed to. But the researchers did spend those grants, thank you very much.

So a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, you know.

Are you thinking all this rambling is just a wild SciFi imaginary scenario? Maybe just a bit of puppy-poo that guy walking his pooch didn't notice the dog left behind? If you think so, my friend, your supply of blue pills is running very low. You must have been taking them much too frequently lately.

Or, then again, perhaps you just haven't read The Recovery.

Go ahead, grab your copy, take the  Red Pill this time. I double-dog dare you!

And, truthfully, I do thank you for visiting today, I enjoyed your company.

Ken Lawton,  https://www.kglawton.com

In the spirit of full disclosure, below are a couple of offerings from dot-gov and the private sector regarding the Federal Identification Standards. If you know anything at all about data base management, you will see through the DMV-dot-org statements. Regarding the standardized National database, you know. If you use a certain database management program to track your finances, and I also have that same program, and I can get into your computer, I can download your financial database. You think the bureaucrats who dictated the database of your driver's license can't get into your State's database? Take your Red Pill, friends, detect the bubble.

And in case you're wondering, friend, I'd take a bullet for our brothers who pack ID's, shields and "heat" like some of us do. They are not over-reaching "bureaucrats", they're our first line of defense and our backup against the three-headed dog and his roommates.


Q: Is DHS trying to build a national database with all of our information?

No. REAL ID is a national set of standards, not a national identification card. REAL ID does not create a federal database of driver license information. Each jurisdiction continues to issue its own unique license, maintains its own records, and controls who gets access to those records and under what circumstances. The purpose of REAL ID is to make our identity documents more consistent and secure.